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Select offers a line of cannabis vape cartridges filled with oil derived from the finest flowers and encased in state-of-the-art hardware. Regardless of your level of tolerance or the occasion, Select has a vape cartridge that’s right for you. The cannabis community can't get enough of Select. And the Select team is dedicated to creating THC and CBD cartridges of consistent quality while remaining ahead of the curve with new and innovative products. When exploring the delight of vaping THC and CBD, choose Select. 

Helpfulness is woven into Select’s DNA. The company started by identifying then solving a problem no one realized exists. Select’s founder was seeking a way to help a close friend treat chronic health problems with cannabis, without the harshness that comes with smoking flowers. Vapor was an effective solution, and what began as a way to help out a friend evolved into helping an entire community of people nationwide. Today, Select’s spirit of innovation continues.

Select’s oil is derived from cannabis and hemp flowers cultivated in live organic soil by trusted local cannabis gardens. Then those flowers are processed into concentrate by experienced extraction artists. Select’s extraction facility utilizes cutting-edge technology to result  in potent, resinous oils. Perfection is their business --every Select cartridge undergoes seven levels of quality control checks. First, Select tests the viscosity of the oil and THC and CBD levels, then machine operators carefully pre-check their cartridges as they are filled. From there, Select’s filling QC team checks the temperature and assembles the mouthpieces on each cartridge. Prior to curing, Select’s QC team inspects each cartridge to search for cracks, leaks, and tanks that were not completely filled. Cartridges that pass inspection are bundled and cured for 24 hours, allowing the oil to fully soak into the wick, which minimizes mechanical failures. Then those cartridges are inspected one last time for defects before being sent to a cannabis dispensary nearest you.

Select CBD is available nationwide and blends together the benefits of cannabidiol combined with essential oils and natural extractions in three options for every occasion. Wind down with Select CBD - Relax, which includes the sweet aroma of lavender, or sharpen your mind with Select CBD - Focus, formulated with soothing and invigorating peppermint. Select CBD - Revive blends grapefruit with pain relieving cannabidiol, users experience a boost of energy with every citrus flavored drag. Select Social is a low-potency cannabis vape that allows users to experience the euphoria of THC without overwhelming effects. This vape pen is ideal for everyone from parents who would like to enjoy a bit of cannabis at home but still be able to quickly return to clear-headedness or as an introduction for novice cannabis users.   Select CO2 is both portable and powerful. Each Select CO2 cartridge is filled with exquisite cannabis oil derived from the highest quality plants and delivers a profoundly euphoric experience in every drag. Select Elite takes vaping to a higher level with luxuriant terpene infused-oils. Single-sourced terpenes derived from the same plant are reintroduced into the oil after extraction, for a vaping experience that mirrors the flavors and effects of the original strain. Select Extracts include their Dabbables and THC-A Crystalline, both are extremely high potency and extracted with the utmost quality. Dabbables are distillate with the highest concentration of THC and terpenes sourced from the best strains of cannabis. Encased in a syringe, Dabbables can be enjoyed over a freshly headed banger or e-nail or to twax blunts and joints or even to infuse a meal or beverage. THC-A is a purified isolate that can be paired with any concentrate to bump up the potency of your dabs. 

The safety and efficacy of Select products are paramount to the team, and they proudly offer lab tested cannabis products.